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Are you tired of busting your hump for a thankless desk job?

Do you long for alarm-free mornings with afternoons spent in a cafe, writing at your leisure?

Do you dream of financial and creative success but are overwhelmed with how to get there?

For years, decades even, I dreamt of a life where I traveled the world writing, but it always felt so overwhelmingly impossible to make a living as a writer.

Who would pay me for my writing?

How would I even go about finding writing gigs?

Writers are supposed to starve and suffer, right?

Everyone told me that being a writer was a hobby, not a career, so I took their advice and went to law school. $120,000 and three years of my life later, I was miserable (and to be honest, so was everyone else around me).

I didn't follow my dreams because I had no idea how to make them financially successful.

I don't want you to make that same mistake.

Law school wasn't a complete waste of time though. Since I graduated, I've put the information I learned to good use turning my writing "hobby" into a profitable career – and teaching others like you to do that same.

For over a decade, I've been teaching Business Basics for Writers at major conferences and prestigious universities. Now I want to bring that information to you in an accessible and affordable online masterclass.

In this masterclass, you will learn the concrete skills you need to:

  • Make money as a writer.
  • Legitimize yourself legally and professionally.
  • Start right now, even if you have no credentials or connections.

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Your Instructor

Lauren Marie Fleming
Lauren Marie Fleming

A storyteller since birth, Lauren Marie Fleming has written four novels, countless articles, and is the author of the self-help book Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body. Her work has appeared in VICE, Glamour, Curve, Nerve, BlogHer, xoJane, and the Huffington Post.

Lauren is a dynamic and engaging speaker, and has presented at prestigious conferences and colleges across the globe, including Yale, Brown, BlogHer, Wordstock, and BinderCon. She is renowned for her entertaining and informative workshops that combine practicality with passion.

Through her writing, retreats, and coaching, Lauren helps people embrace their unique story and tell that story to the world. A queer, fat, femme, Lauren is especially invested in helping amplify and support marginalized voices.

Lauren is devoted to helping you take the guilty out of pleasure, ditch the starving, tortured artist cliché, and create the life and career of your dreams. To find out more about Lauren’s writing, retreats, and coaching, visit LaurenMarieFleming.com.

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