Bawdy Building exercises in this course.

Instead of homework or action points, this course has Bawdy Building exercises designed to help you practice your audacity.

Why do I say "practice your audacity"?

Audacity is the willingness to take bold risks. It takes audacity to make any change in your life, however minute or grandiose. Bawdy Building exercises – which I incorporate on my blog, in my books, and in my courses – are designed to help you take small yet bold steps toward your dreams.

Your time is precious, so I'm not going to waste it with needless activities. Each Bawdy Building exercise is in here because it has helped me and former students of this course to create space for writing in our lives.

Because they are important to your growth, I ask you to please not skip your Bawdy Building exercises. The ones you least want to do are probably the ones you need to do the most.

So go forth, be audacious, and change your life!